Discover the real cost of selling your property

Marketing campaigns, agent commission, taxes… there’s a lot to consider when it comes to the cost of selling your home. We’ve laid out the  main expenses for you, so you can stay on track, and on budget. Marketing costs Advertising Advertising costs vary depending on a number of factors, especially how you choose to sell and … Read more

Are you a goal-driven saver?

Characteristics of goal-driven savers A ‘money mindset’ is a way of thinking about personal finance. Your money mindset can change over time, and it may help explain your spending and savings habits. Understanding this can help you build habits and strategies to better manage your money. If the following applies to you, you might be … Read more

Using trusts: Keeping it in the family

The use of trusts by Australians to hold different assets, including investments in exchange traded funds (ETFs), managed funds, and direct shares, continues to grow. According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), there are now more than one million trusts operating nationally, collectively holding assets that generate in excess of $400 billion in income a … Read more