Investing and tax

Lower tax on your investments can help you reach your financial goals sooner. But don’t choose an investment based on tax benefits alone. How investment income is taxed You need to include investment income in your tax return. This includes what you earn in: interest dividends rent managed funds distributions capital gains from property, shares … Read more

How to get the right My Aged Care Assessment

How to start the aged care assessment process, understand the difference between the ACAT and RAS assessment service, know what is involved in the aged care assessment and the significance of this to getting the right level of aged care at home service. So often when talking to our clients, we hear busy adult children … Read more

(Re)finance your way to renovation

Why go through the worry (and expense) of moving when you can turn your current place into your dream home? While renovations aren’t always stress-free (or cheap) there are some straightforward ways to finance your property’s facelift so it suits your post-pandemic lifestyle. The type of renovation you want and the budget you’ll need will … Read more