Your money in retirement

Living longer means more life to enjoy. If you’re retired, or planning to retire, here are some ways to help make your money go the distance. Claim your government entitlements You may be eligible for government benefits such as: Age Pension Pensioner concessions Health care benefits Tax offsets See Age Pension and government benefits. Keep working, … Read more

Why women should take early financial steps

Many women will need to do more to build up their super balances by the time they retire.  There’s a plethora of data showing women, on average, earn less than males and have lower superannuation balances. The federal government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) released its latest gender pay gap update on 27 February, revealing … Read more

Why investors are firmly focused on interest rates

2024 is very much a story of how quickly and how sharply rates will start coming down. Around the world, just like in 2023, financial markets, investors, and borrowers are firmly focused on what will happen to official interest rates. But unlike last year, when rates were on the way up, 2024 is very much … Read more