When you can access your super early

Overview You can access your super early in very limited circumstances, including to pay certain expenses on compassionate grounds, as well as terminal illness, incapacity and severe financial hardship. Access on compassionate grounds You may be allowed to withdraw your super early on compassionate grounds to pay for: medical treatment for you or your dependant medical transport … Read more

The potential estate complexities of dying without a will

Having a legally valid will can go a long way to avoiding disputes over the division of your assets.  What did the artist Picasso, musicians Bob Marley and Aretha Franklin, and billionaire entrepreneur Howard Hughes have in common? If you’re thinking they had amassed large fortunes before their deaths, you would be correct. But another … Read more

Markets love certainty, but what happens next?

Financial markets can be like finely tuned racehorses, poised to gallop ahead under ideal conditions but often highly reactive to unexpected events. It’s often said that the markets love certainty. Investors feel more confident when economic conditions are stable and predictable. But certainty in financial conditions is never a sure thing. Uncertainty is always just … Read more