Credit card balance transfers

A credit card balance transfer is when you move the amount you owe (the balance) to another credit card. The new interest rate on the balance you transfer may be either 0% or a special low rate for a limited time. If you can pay off the balance you transfer within that time, you may … Read more

Sorting mortgage facts from fiction

Among all the voices analysing the Australian property market, you’ve probably heard many truisms about how to secure a home loan. The real truth is that there are lots of options. We thought it was time to correct some frequent misconceptions we hear from our clients. Hopefully this will help you identify the path to … Read more

Life in retirement keeps getting more expensive

The latest rise in the Age Pension rate still falls short of what many people may need to have a modest lifestyle in retirement. Around 2.58 million Australians received a 1.78% government Age Pension payment boost on March 20 as part of Centrelink’s twice-yearly indexation review. They included the 1.76 million people who receive a … Read more